Thought of you

I am not an animation specialist by a long shot. I tried and failed miserably to be honest in that area of expertise. I do, however, very much enjoy the art of animation and the beautiful work some of the animators have made (as can be seen on this very blog). The latest addition to my ever growing list of favorite animations is the beautiful “Thought of you”.

Industry veteran Ryan Woodward has had multiple succeses within art, illustration and animation, gaining praise from fans and critics alike over the years. This latest animation is a tear jerker, showing off modern dance and the loss of a loved one in minimalistic yet extremely detailed and liquid animation. Thought of you is truly magnificent, being set to the tunes of The Weepies’ “the world spins madly on”. Click the link below for the video and check out the making of video in the link underneath that one.

[az_lightbox_video_sh image_url=”” thumb_width=”” link_url=”” title=”Thought of you” gallery_name=”” class=””] [az_lightbox_video_sh image_url=”” thumb_width=”” link_url=”” title=”Making of thought of you” gallery_name=”” class=””]


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