[su_column size=”2/3″ center=”yes”]Most of you might know that Suikervrij means Sugar Free. This is a philosophy but also a joke since I have had type 1 diabetes for a number of years now. This means I always have to watch what I eat and have to check my blood sugar levels multiple times a day. Which you get used to obviously. But I am  constantly thinking about carbohydrates and the intake of sugar, unlike most of you (or some, anyway), who can eat what they want without much hesitation or thought other than maybe a bit of weight loss.

But stand still and think for a minute; have you ever really thought about why sugar seems to be so addictive and what the damn stuff actually does to your brain? STK Films created a stunning animation for the lecture dr. Nicole Avena gave in co-operation with TED-Ed about sugar consumption and the inclusion of sweet substances in your diet, showcasing that relatively dry information can become a whole lot more interesting when sold using great design. You can check out the original TED-Ed lesson here and even join the discussion. Click the picture below to check out the lovely designed retro-styled video yourself!