[su_column size=”2/3″ center=”yes”] “Less is more” is a popular saying in the designing culture. I don’t want to get into the details and whether or not I agree with it, but I have to agree that sometimes brands go overboard with the branding artwork and graphic design. Branding should follow function and should evolve with time to keep up with modern trends and styles.

Now, Suikervrij Design stands for a break of following the rules but hear me out: I recognize that a design has a function and should always be designed with the wishes of the brands in mind, displaying what the product stands for. My personal view on branding is that is has to differ in the aspect of detail and trends yet still to display the thought behind the product.

As I said before, some brands have brought gorgeous designs to the table before, iconic, even legendary some might say. But they might be a bit over the top and outdated in these modern times. A short while ago London based designer Mehmet Gozetlik grabbed a few of the most iconic products (and some other well-known products), amongst which Nutella, Schweppes and Pringles, and redesigned their packaging, stripping them of “unnecessary” visual elements. You can see the series of pictures below, showcasing his path from original to a modern version.

What do you guys think? Do these look better than the original? Is less truly more?

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