My graduation project is still one of the proudest ones I have to date; in co-operation with Surplus Welzijn and their division for youngsters I was tasked with researching their need for help and how they could be reached on the internet since the previous platform did not seem to reach it’s target. From this I forged a concept that both the youth in Breda would be able to use and would be satisfactory to the lovely people at Surplus, and created, tested and presented a fully functional platform to solve this problem; Jeugdwerk Surplus. After having interviewed the target audience I came up with several ideas and started to build a prototype which I then tested for usability and filling it with the correct information and the answers I had gotten from my research. After this I finalised the product and gave it over to Surplus Welzijn for launch and promotion. Check out some of the visuals for a few ideas on how Jeugdwerk Surplus came to be.