Collin Crowdfund is a crowdfunding platform that has funded hundreds of succesful businesses as a healthy alternative to the traditional banking loans. Everyone can chime in and earn revenue with the posibility to spread over several projects. Their clientele has been spread out over financial partners, freelance investers and the general public. Their team of finance professionals makes sure that a risk calculation is made so every investor can calculate the risk they want to take and how much revenue they can expect. Check out the website for more information.

Colin Crowdfund has, as the name suggest, their core business in the financial world. But even the largest Crowdfunding platform in Europe needs marketing and development. I was partly responsible for the UX and UI-design of the website as well as creating several visuals for projects and did video recordings and editing for the newsletters they sent out to investors and clients. I was with Colin Crowdfund as a freelance designer for several months in which I got to showcase my versatility as a designer and communication specialist.