Tiki Two-Face


Description: A one of a kind standard Tiki Two-Face illustration on multi-facted paper. Character derived from old Polenesian culture but made famous in California in the 1960’s mixed with one of Batman’s most famous rogues.

Used materials: Posca markers, Touchfive markers.

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The origin of the character in this tiki illustration was an old Polynesian god who was in local island lore for many years. When Hawai’i was inducted as a state of the US, Tiki came to fame in America. Tiki was quickly adopted as a slightly camp addition to already established island cliche’s. Tiki has remained associated with that era and region until this day.


I have been a big fan of comic books and especially the DC comics rogue gallery, obviously with Batman being the big one. One of the most intriguing ones has always been Harvey Dent a.k.a. Two-Face, who portrays conflict within oneself. Tiki is no stranger to that either to me, so I decided to create a Tiki Two-Face, showing conflict in dark & light, ice and fire, and so forth.


For this Tiki Two-Face I used Touchfive markers. I topped it off with Posca acrylic markers for extra effect. All was done on 25 grams white A-4 size multi-faceted paper. The frame is hardened black plastic with a glass front plate.

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions31.5 × 41.5 cm


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