Like Damn Clockword / In due time


Description: An illustration based on time and it’s value in modern society. Like damn clockwork / In due time portrays the gears of time and the fluidity behind it.

Used materials: Posca markers, Touchfive alcohol markers, Edding markers.

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Clock works

We are constantly watching the clock and especially in the Netherlands, punctuality is extremely important. We’re expected to be on time, all the time. The phrase “like damn clockwork” in this piece is derived from the Queens of the Stone Age album “Like clockwork”.


I was listening to the album mentioned in the train home with delayed trains. It came to me how important time-management is in modern society and wanted to illustrate the fluidity of time in a piece where gears and shackles hold everything in place.


For this piece I mostly used Touchfive alcohol markers and Edding 1200 gold and silver markers. I topped it off with Posca acrylic markers for extra effect. All was done on 25 grams white A-4 size paper. The frame is a polished wood frame with glass front.


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