Green canvas tiki Bob


Description: A one of a kind green tiki Bob on cardboard canvas. Character derived from old Polenesian culture but made famous in California in the 1960’s, specifically in the San Francisco area.

Used materials: Posca markers, Faber-Castell aquarelle pencils.

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Tiki in origin was an old Polynesian god who was in local island lore for many years. When Hawai’i was inducted as a state of the US, Tiki came to fame in America. Tiki was quickly adopted as a slightly camp addition to already established island cliche’s. Tiki has remained associated with that era and region until this day. Tiki Bob is a tiki sort that was developed by the San Francisco bar of the same name as a mug but is popular in all shapes and sizes in modern day.


To me Tiki always resembled individualism and freedom. Compared to other religions Tiki is a deity that has no direct interest in punishment like most. Every island in the region has it’s own spins and twists on it and I can also mention the millions of different versions that came to pass over the years since.


For this piece I used a background and touches of Faber-Castell aquarelle pencils. I topped it off with Posca acrylic markers for extra effect. All was done on a cardboard/canvas mix.

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Dimensions25 × 25 cm


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