I have been away for a while. Or, away isn’t the right word, a little less active than I should’ve been. I officially want to apologize for that, since it is in no way professional but the cause did leave me thinking about certain aspects of work, professional relationships and the delicate balance between (in my case) owning a company and having a personal life. Don’t worry, this is not a diary and it will not become one, but I will explain my experiences and thoughts on how one’s personal situation can affect their profession and what the standard is in dealing with big changes. How does your personal life affect your work? And how do your clients, co-workers and your boss respond to a chance in pace due to meaningful ripples in the proverbial pond of life? 


It can be difficult to maintain a healthy working relationship when you are not feeling well. Most of us have went through difficult times before, a family member dying, a partner leaving, financial struggles, material problems, anything. These things all have a profound effect on the way we do our jobs and we try our best to keep a straight face in the end. And that’s good. Work is work and those who you surround yourself with on a professional level shouldn’t be bothered by your personal problems. But is this realistic? I can imagine that is not always the case. In the case of great loss you will always change the way you approach certain matters, not in the least bit the way you present yourself. Even the most charismatic suffer when they are not feeling well and it always affects your surroundings in the end. 


This is, however, a two-way street. Positive vibes can also resonate into your work. Haven’t we all at some point experienced sitting behind our desk with a large white smile on our face when we met the latest love of our life? And how did that affect your work? It’s important that we acknowledge the positive sides of a personal life as much as we do the negatives in this story. And perhaps even use them.[/su_column] 

After all, people who are happy often work harder and are inclined to be more creative, to play along with difficult situations and to pick up on new situations better.

My position

Like I said earlier; I’m not going to use Zoethoudertje as a place to vent my personal problems. But I have experienced a lot of problematic situations in the last 8 months or so, ranging from a failing relationship to family issues. And I thank the stars that I have had the luck of finding clients, teachers and co-workers who understood and gave me the space when I needed it. And i’m forever grateful that they did. But I do feel that a company, especially a small one in size like my own, can suffer from personal problems. Even if the content and input stays the same there will always be a different light shining on the things happening. And I think we should, collectively, try and make this a more debatable issue. Let’s talk about the positives and negatives in our personal lives to create a better working environment.


I was lucky to have a position where I can deal with personal problems without affecting others too much. But I can imagine a lot of you reading this are not. It’s hard to keep up appearances all the time, and there’s no doubt in my mind people will notice that something is going on. At this moment, we try to neglect these situations (be it positive or negative) and pretend like nothing is happening. I think that’s a wrong way of going about it, personally. That will only smother the power that comes from personal situations. Try to turn the negative into positive and use the positive to get more energy into projects and your company. Have you ever thought about these matters? How do you deal with personal and professional? Is your boss forthcoming when you lost someone dear? Do your clients see that you have just won the lottery? Is there an official strategy within your company concerning these things? Leave your responses in the comments, cause I’d love to know your take on this!

[su_column size=”2/3″ center=”yes”]“I work on the highest floor
There’s nothing in my way
But I saw my picture on the bathroom door today
I don’t feel like working anymore, is that okay?”

(Blue Man Group – The Complex)

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