[su_column]I have had several clients for Suikervrij Design. Most of these clients found me over the internet or from friends, family and colleagues, but some of them have been referred to me by someone I would consider somewhat of a business partner of sorts. We met because of mutual friends and have been helping each other out in the field of acquisition, design and IT-solutions and I honestly can say it’s nice to know someone you can count on. It did make me think though; What are the benefits of having a partner like that, being the proverbial partners in crime?


Finding the right one 

No matter the situation, whether it is in your private life or purely professional, you will always run into people you like and people you have less in common with. A certain connection is vital to establishing a healthy (working) relationship and it’s important to find the right person to put your trust in. There has to be mutual respect, there’s boundaries and rules to put down and there has to be a certain amount of willingness to go that extra step to both grow and get better because of it in the future. It is essential that said partner in crime is on the same level as you are, in all facets, both personally and professionally.

Rules and regulations

When I say “partners in crime” i’m obviously not trying to be literal. It’s important to keep each other’s wishes and goals in mind, unlike criminals. Make sure you establish clear rules and expectations, make sure there will always be a certain way to measure quality and success and always (and I do mean always) treat each other with respect. No financial discussion has ever mounted out into the best working relationship. Make sure you have the most critical elements of the deal written down in black and white, signed by both. [/su_column]

There’s always companionships that you can’t write down and put a label on. This is perfectly fine, it deals with similar rules and it all boils down to the amount of success you want to achieve on your own level and together and how much you wish the other to succeed. Like the old saying goes; “You get what you give”. You will not only give yourself a push but you will also make an ally out of the person you work with, something that can be very useful later on in your career. Nice guys may finish last a lot of times, but in any line of work arrogance will be the downfall of any company. 

My position

Suikervrij Design prides itself on having heart and ambition. I like working with fellow developers and designers, I like working with those who have no expertise in the trade. Creating new opportunities and designing something that I’m proud of is one of the most important aspects of my work, but it’s not all. I want to enjoy what I do and it helps to have friends and partners along the ride. Therefore I always strive to keep my (working) relationships as pleasant as possible. Strict, maybe, but always pleasant. You have to know how to approach and appreciate those you work with. 


It’s a dog eat dog world out there and especially in a commercial line of work it’s crucial to sometimes put your foot down and only go for your own goals. It can, however, help a lot to have likeminded people gather together. Exchange expertise, knowledge and refer clients, maintain a steady and good professional relationship with anyone in your network. And if you find that one person, your own partner in crime, don’t be afraid to spend a bit more time and attention to them, because it might just give back a lot more. Like Starsky and Hutch, Thelma & Louise, Beavis & Butthead; you can make it own your own, but it’s better when you have a friend along for the ride. 


[su_column size=”2/3″ center=”yes”]“This is my family. My one crazy family. This is my family. The ones who understand me. No matter what the plan be, they’re dancing right beside me, this is my family…”

(The Interrupters ft. Tim Armstrong – Family)

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