Do you remember the time when your mother tucked you in at night and you were scared of all the creepy monsters hiding in your closet and under the bed? The time that you could not sleep without a little light on with the only protection that was offered was the talking of mom and dad downstairs? But you were never alone, you had one ally; Your pet teddy bear. We all have that one stuffed animal from when we were young that we dragged along everywhere. But what if there was more to this little stuffed animal than we would know? What if the seemingly harmless and useless toy was defending you in your sleep against the biggest evils mankind had ever seen?

Tyler Novo grabbed this concept and made it his own, pitching your favorite stuffed animal against all the monsters hiding under the bed in an incredible animation, captivating heart and soul in little over two minutes. The short film, aptly named “Mean Teddies”, shows the fight between monsters and Teddy Bears, and how strong the bond can be between a child and his teddy bear of choice. Mean Teddies is one of the most amazingly animated and inspirational short films I’ve seen in a long time and I urge you to check out the end result by checking out the clip below!