I am Mosul

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If you would be put straight into the shoes of someone who gets confronted with a situation just like in Mosul, Iraq; Would you grab your cell phone? Would you take of forget the charger? Would you run for your life and freeze without clothing? Would you accept refuge but fear rejection from locals?


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A new start Starting this coming January 2nd me and Sam will be picking up the reigns once again under de banner of Rockamole. The best old and new rock hits in the broadest sense blasting live on air and the old familiar banter and items of course. After 8 years of absence from one […]

Adapt and conquer

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Rules and regulations Every office, every company or every department even has it’s own set of (social) rules and regulations. There’s no certain right or wrong and it is always a reasonable question how long it will take to get used to local standards. Around the Netherlands it is common to have a month of […]

Pop Culture Pulp

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Those of you who have browsed this section of my website before probably have noticed that I like seeing popular artwork out of context. I simply love the clash of traditional characters and famous stories in a completely different setting to mix things up. Aside from that I’m a sucker for gorgeous illustrations and the […]

Personal profession

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  After all, people who are happy often work harder and are inclined to be more creative, to play along with difficult situations and to pick up on new situations better. My position Like I said earlier; I’m not going to use Zoethoudertje as a place to vent my personal problems. But I have experienced […]