Partners in crime

There’s always companionships that you can’t write down and put a label on. This is perfectly fine, it deals with similar rules and it all boils down to the amount of success you want to achieve on your own level and together and how much you wish the other to succeed. Like the old saying goes; “You get what you give”. You will not only give yourself a push but you will also make an ally out of the person you work with, something that can be very useful later on in your career. Nice guys may finish last a lot of times, but in any line of work arrogance will ...

Gawatt coffee Emotions cups

I love it when companies manage to create something unique out of things that are usually very practical but not very appealing. Art director Stephan Azaryan, graphic designer Karen Gevorgyan and illustrator  Narine Manvelyan worked with Gawatt coffee shop to create a whole bunch of awesome take-out coffee cups to be sold at different establishments throughout north-America.