“Tristan is an all-rounder who has good basic skills on many levels that can offer a broad support on  for example digital B2B marketing. Tristan is easy going, fun to work with and eager to learn. I would recommend Tristan on any junior B2B executive marketing / content management position”
“Working with Suikervrij Design has been great. Very easily accessible, and always ready to help wherever needed. I’ll make sure to contact them for future designs.”
“Tristan and I have worked together on several projects during our study. Designing with great sense of effectiviness is his speciality. He is able to present his ideas and thoughts in a manner that makes the underlying concept crystal clear and understandable. This along with a good sense of humor makes Tristan a great partner to work with.”
“Tristan started working as an editor at GameCensor in June 2013 and immediately I saw somebody who is very creative, has a great opinion and is able to do many different jobs with great diligence. I strongly believe that Tristan is a very valuable asset at GameCensor both now and in the future. Mainly for his great content skills but also for his marketing and design expertise.  If you get a change to work with Tristan don’t hesitate and say yes!”
Tristan is a imaginative, open-minded guy who knows how to inspire others and how to challenge himself. Aside of him being a jolly fellow, he is actually the kind of person that really commits to his projects and makes something original out of it.