Zirkonia Productions

It’s easy to say that everyone loves film. Maybe not all in the same fashion or the same genre but everyone has a weak spot for a certain part of the small- and big screen. Zirkonia Productions is a (fictional) classy and classic film production company, made-up by Suikervrij Design. Ready to go and help out new film makers to create lovely new productions and art.


Suikervrij Design is more than just (Graphic) Design and illustration; For multiple projects in college I have ventured into film and scripting, helping out on a conceptual level and creating short movies and commercials. Zirkonia Productions is the pinnacle of this, essentially the summary of every piece of knowledge about film gathered over the years, presented in a complete business package.


Of course the main focus of Zirkonia Productions is movie- and film production, but a company can’t present itself on that part alone. For Zirkonia Productions, Suikervrij Design has created multiple media outings, amongst which business cards, brand paper and business related materials. The branding of Zirkonia Productions is planned to be extended towards a new and fitting website and video-visuals in the near future.