Officially Tiki originated in the region of Polynesia, the bikini islands, Samoa and even towards New-Zealand and Australia. This old religion handles faith in Tiki, who was believed to be the creator of human life, spread across the different islands and cultures in different varieties and variations. They all conclude though that Tiki was a loving entity who is still praised and remembered across the globe ’till this very day.

Tiki & me

Suikervrij Design and Tiki have been connected for years, on both a spiritual and a professional level. Tiki is different in many factors from most other religions: The origin of mankind is unique and never told the same way, all depending on which reason you are in. In the same way Suikervrij Design tries to diversify and do things differently. The unique approach and non-conforming attitude resonate in both Tiki, Suikervrij Design and myself.

Design influence

Those of you familiar with former Suikervrij Design website might recognize that Tiki has had a lot of influence on the art direction of the company. Not only was it a major inspiration for the design of the previous website, it also had a lot of influence on a lot of personal and professional (digital and traditional) artwork and illustrations, resulting that Suikervrij Design will forever be intertwined with this important part of Polynesian culture.