Monkey Business

Monkey Business is not an actual business yet but something completely thought up and designed by Suikervrij Design. Monkey Business is a fictional designing company, specializing in UX design, user interfaces and graphic design. The playful attitude of this city-based company is reflected in it’s easy going and open attitude and (hopefully) future clients.


Of course, no brand should go without a steady design. Suikervrij created a unique set of multiple design assets, including business cards, correspondence materials and more, all headed by a fitting logo. The logo, representing the feistiness yet playful foundation, is the core of the brand, being used as the pillar of this future company.


As said before, Monkey Business is not an actual company as we speak, still in the early stage of development running it’s course and going through the motions. However; In the foreseeable future Suikervrij will be creating more related (visual) media and will be closely involved in the creation of a steady and healthy new company which promises to revolutionize the designing industry in all it’s facets.