Keten Partner Integratie

Whilst working for Jorg Wesbeek at VeraQ one of the projects I got to oversee was the creating of a brand identity and website for building company startup Keten Partner Integratie. The company, set up by business veteran Chris Prong, is presenting the key element within construction related administration and production. My task was to visually present the environmentally and constructively sound values of the company at that point in time. 


I was responsible for multiple media outlets of KPI, amongst which were the corporate identity and logo, website, business cards and overall communication design. The environmentally sound mentality of the client was represented in a well-chosen green color as well as a clear and cut out imagery that represented the different values and stages of production that the company could provide to their clients. If you want to see the end result and learn more about KPI, please visit for the full website and more information!