Jorg Wesbeek

Jorg Wesbeek is a hard working and reliable entrepreneur who specializes in helping out with any problem you might encounter in IT or data management. He offers multiple services for starter companies and new up-and-comers. Amongst these services are consultancy, Project Management and IT-maintenance. Jorg Wesbeek approached Suikervrij Design to re-establish his brand, by creating a new style, re-design the website and other design related features, such as business cards and official company correspondence. 


Prior to the collaboration between Suikervrij Design and Jorg Wesbeek, the latter was lacking a clear branding style and thus it was up to Suikervrij Design to create a new sense of self, a brand identity that represents both the cold world of IT and the personal approach of Jorg Wesbeek itself. Both vision and mission have been included into what can only be described as a clean cut and efficient new branding style that represents Jorg Wesbeek.


Of course a new brand identity meant creating a whole new design, starting with re-designing into a simple yet elegant one-page parallax website clearly communicating everything the company stands for. Suikervrij Design also is responsible for creating other media outlets, such as the designs for Facebook, business cards and the official correspondence material used by Jorg Wesbeek on a daily basis.