Surplus Welzijn

My graduation project from Avans Hogeschool was issued by Surplus Welzijn, a social care organization that operates in and around Breda. The youth division of this company, though successful on the streets, has trouble connection to the local youth online. My assignment was to research this problem and create a fitting concept and medium to help Surplus Welzijn to reach their target audience. This started with researching the local youth, the company and the failed online community platform Breda 23.


With questionnaires, interviews and conversations I picked out the problems in communication with the local youth and decided that clear and structured information was key to succes for Surplus Welzijn. The next stage was creating a visual identity and a bone structure for the chosen medium; A WordPress website revolving around information and clear communication with an easy to use interface for the employees. This all resulted in preparing prototypes and testing it with the target audience.


By creating a fitting logo, having the right visual identity and branding the new plfatorm “Jeugdwerk Surplus” I could finally begin setting up the end product. In close co-operation with the company and constantly testing the product with the local youth I have founded a medium where local youth can now find out about everything Surplus Welzijn has to offer and more. A combination between a website with information and several dynamic outlets (agenda / Social media / blog) has left Surplus Welzijn on the top of their game to help the local youngsters to grow into responsible and content adults.