Hes-art is the professional name of Kathalijne Hes, a very talented young illustrator and painter. Her Breda-based gallery is filled with gorgeous pieces, marked by her own unique style of realism and abstract work, drawing inspiration from both cultural events and the nature she loves so dearly.


Although her talents are great, the person behind Hes-art isn’t too comfortable around graphic design and likes to stick to more traditional ways. She approached Suikervrij Design to help her create multiple outings and promotional leaflets, including for example the flyer for the grand opening of her gallery.


Besides helping her out in the graphics departement Suikervrij Design has helped out Hes-art in multiple technical area’s, helping her find the right ways to approach her target audience on social media, finding the right tools for a mailing list, setting up said mailing list and even helping her figure out the backend of her personal website.