Fort 99

Since january of 2014 I have been the frontman and vocalist of hardrock band Fort 99. Based out of Etten-Leur, The Netherlands we try to bring our own mix of hardrock, metal and punkrock to the general audience. The band consists of five members, each bringing a unique personality to the table resulting in original songs and a energetic live show.

Media manager

Since joining Fort 99 I have been assigned to managing the different media outings, including Facebook, Twitter, the website and more. Aside from this I also co-operate with bandmate Jelle Willers to arrange gigs and we are both responsible for PR and marketing of Fort 99.


I made several visuals to promote and support the band, amongst which are banners, backgrounds, profile pictures, flyers and posters for gigs and to top it off the website over at Using both stock and unique material I created a visual style  representative of Fort 99 (hopefully) for the years to come.