De Koperen Kat

City brewery De Koperen Kat is a small brewery in the city of Delft that has been growing and going strong for several years now, and even winning a prestigious Dublin Silver Award for their D-AL-G Agae-based beer. Good friend Max Peterse has been responsible for the majority of the artwork the last couple of years but Suikervrij Design has now been approached to take over the needed graphic design, ranging from flyers to the seasonal Kattebel mailing and even large banners to be printed and used during events.


There are several  examples to be seen on this page of work where Suikervrij Design has helped out and there hopefully will be many more in the near future. With the international success beer mastermind Rolf Katte and brewer Boyd Keijzer have had it’s safe to say that Suikervrij Design is proud to be one of the partners in the success of Delft city brewery De Koperen Kat!