The Blackhill Bandits

A project dear to my (musical) heart: The Blackhill Bandits. My former band has been the musical home of Suikervrij Design for years. I have been frontman, main vocalist and band manager since 2009 until the band disbanded in 2013. With a EP, a whole bunch of small and larger gigs, a lot of cool adventures and even shirts and stickers for merchandise, it is to this date one of the projects I look back on with a lot of pride.


Not only was Suikervrij Design there for every medium thinkable, I also did the managing part of the deal, arranging multiple gigs, making sure everyone in the band had an equal share and more. Aside from band management I was also responsible for PR, maintaining contacts with the press, updating the various used media and handling bookers. This opportunity gave me great insight in management which I still use for day-to-day operations to date.


Suikervrij Design was responsible for every visual aspect of The Blackhill Bandits. A handmade and digitalized logo, the artwork used for the EP “Bloody Mary Me”, the design for the merchandise (co-operating with fellow-bandmember Tinus Kardolus) and so forth. I also created a website, which was the hub for every fan or interested person to go and check out photo’s, music, video’s, buy merchandise and more.