Art Injection

Art injection is a project set up by myself and good friend Stephan Schmid, following the conclusion that there is no real platform for semi-professional painters and illustrators to sell their artwork and portray it in the lovely city of Delft. Art Injection would create a platform for those who love art but do not have the need or the possibility to sell it.


Together we created a detailed plan and set up a business proposition filled with details for customers, participants and interested artists. In these documents we described every last detail to which involved parties would be held to, what they would be entitled to and what the rules and regulations concerning the Art Injection project would be.


For Art Injection I created multiple designs, including the logo, style, business cards and more, all in a gorgeous blue and white combination with artistic structure, reminiscent of our intended target audience. So far a website has been in the making too so keep your eyes out for more on Art Injection soon!